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   Kegonii was founded by mother and son, Ego and Kodi Agbasi. Kegonii was launched out of the need to share the beauty of clothes Ego was already sewing, however the story is much deeper.

  Ego had developed a passion for sewing from her mother and carried that passion as she got older; creating custom outfits for friends, family, and herself. Even when came to America with her children, she sacrificed everything by doing everything she could emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually to raise them. All this while still channeling any extra energy to sew and create her art for both male and female clients. She only ever wears clothes she creates and many who have seen it, love and constantly ask how they can get their own.

 Ego's three sons, Tobe, Lota & Kodi proudly wear what she creates and Kegonii gives her creativity a platform while also giving the rest of the world the opportunity to be part of her American journey. Kegonii is a fashion brand born from this platform, this American journey, struggle, and perseverance. Kegonii is a representation of the beauty and art molded in hardship, the rich culture of Nigeria blended into different and versatile clothing styles, and the purpose and resolve of immigrants paving their own path. 





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